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Optimal Nutrition

Healthy Weight

Great Fitness

Have you been wanting to have a healthy life, but given up on it?

Do you find yourself dragging through the day, hoping to somehow make it until you can flop down on the sofa?

Have you tried weightloss plans, perhaps many of them, and always failed?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you’re at the right place.

This is the course that leads you to a truly-healthy life.  It’s not a 90-day fitness course or a weightloss plan.  It’s a total lifestyle program that creates a whole-life state of health and energy through the 3 most-important areas: optimal nutrition, healthy weight and great fitness.

Before I continue, I want to emphasize 3 things. 

The first is that everything I cover in my course, I have done myself, so I am writing from experience, and can thus accurately guide you.  I exercise a lot, as you saw in my video, but I started out slow and built up, as I’ll show you how to do.  I have been eating a plant-based diet for more than 10 years, so I know what works and how to make it work.  And, yes, I have lost weight.  Even on a plant-based diet, I gained almost 20 pounds over several years, but was able to drop 10% of my bodyweight in 8 weeks, so I know about weightloss.

 The second thing is that everything I suggest you do or eat I have researched based on scientific studies and sage advice on the real ways to be healthy.  I continue to search the Internet for the latest accurate information to use myself and to share with you.

 Finally, I want to say that I truly want to share my information and help others to have happy and healthy lives.  I’m not just some trainer; I am also a life coach, and I love to make people happy.  My friend Scott wrote about me “During the more than 4 decades I have known Brian, his level of genuine care and concern for people’s health and wellness has been demonstrated over and over again in the way he invests his time in assisting people.” 


Optimal Nutrition

Optimal nutrition is first, because if you have bad nutrition, you’ll not only have bad health, but you won’t have a healthy weight, and you won’t have the energy to maintain great fitness.

I’m going to be totally up-front with you and tell you that I am encouraging plant-based nutrition.  I say I’ll “be totally up-front” because I know some of you will throw up your hands and scream “What!  I’m not giving up my meat!” and start to exit this page. 

But wait!  Before you do, giving up meat is not a must for this program to work for you. I wouldn’t be being fair with you if I didn’t say it is necessary for “optimal” nutrition, but there are varying degrees of compliance.  Just like all parts of my course, no part is an “all or nothing” deal.  Yes, you should at least cut down on meat consumption, but I’d rather see you eating some meat and the rest being whole foods than just eat the SAD (Standard American Diet).

And I’ll make it easy for you.  I’ll provide you with links to tons of recipes for tasty plant-based dishes.  In some cases, you can just substitute a healthy food for a low-value food, like having barley instead of rice, or eating sweet potatoes instead of white ones.

I’ll also let you know the reasons why it makes sense to make the switch, and the diseases it can not only prevent, but also reverse in some cases.  If it would eliminate your Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, would you drop the steaks?  Maybe. How about for losing weight?  That’s next.

• Who should not go on a plant-based diet.

• What supplements you need to take.

Healthy Weight

When you see “healthy weight” you probably think of not having heart problems or even diabetes.  But did you know that being overweight can cause certain types of cancer? 

I believe that we all would like to have a healthy weight, but we either believe it would be too hard or that we’d fail…again. Just like the optimal nutrition I wrote about above, having a healthy weight is not only not an “all or nothing” deal, but it’s also not a “program”. 

It’s a lifestyle, where you learn how to eat in a way that will not only make you healthy, but will give you a healthy weight, and one you will keep, not regain and more after you finish or drop out like so many other programs.

And, what if you could switch to mainly plant-based foods and not only lose weight, but also never go hungry?  In my course I explain how you can eat more food than before, but still lose weight.

  • Learn the magic of “caloric density”, and how you can eat to be satisfied and still lose weight.
  • Find out if exercise is truly the way to lose weight.
  • Read the study that showed the only diet that allows you to eat all you want and still lose weight.

Great Fitness

I don’t even use the word “exercise” here because for most of us, it brings up bad feelings.  We think of grinding away on some torture device known as a “treadmill”, sweating and tired, with still a long way to go.  I can’t and won’t do that, and I won’t ask you to.

I know how most of you feel and what you can and can’t do.  I know how to start slow and easily work up to great fitness at an easy pace.  That’s why I start you off with easy stretches that you can do to wake up and feel better, while preparing your body for the next level.

After 30 days of gentle stretches, we’ll move into a program of easy exercise, starting with simple movements that anyone can do, such as half-squats, wall pushups and gentle knee raises.  I have carefully evaluated each movement so that it’s super-easy to start with, and yet can be intensified as your strength and endurance increase, and at your own pace.


The Whole Package

As you have seen, I cover the 3 aspects of a healthy life, and yet ease you into them at a gentle pace.  In this way, you’ll not only make the improvement in a relatively-painless way, but the changes will become a lifestyle that will carry you through the rest of your life in a healthy way. 

I’m ready to be your guide, as I’ve taken the journey myself and I know the way.  Although I am in great health now, I have been where you are.  I have gained weight and lost it.  I have been weak and had to build up my strength.  I have had a not-so-great diet, even a plant-based one, and brought myself into optimal health. So, come with me and let me show you the path to health and vitality at any age. I did it; you can too.  Let’s go!  

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